Design Reveal: The Rusty Cup

I spent a great deal of time – probably too much – when I first started working on Rise of the Reaper, many years ago, playing around with world building. It is the fun part, after all. Coming up with cities, ports, people, currency, customs, myths, and so on. It’s one thing, however, to have some of those places scribbled down on paper, and quite another to see them come to life. It struck me that it would be awesome to be able to see some of the elements of the books, and some of the places in the story jumped out as being perfect candidates. The Rusty Cup tavern was one such place.

Thanks to a talented designer over on 99Designs, and some extensive back and forth, along with some invaluable input from my partner, the Rusty Cup has a sign. And I am over the moon about it! It looks fantastic and now I finally get to show it off! And here it is:



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