Darkwalkers: Diary 1

Oops! I found this tucked away and had completely forgotten to edit and post it! Bear in mind that the book is now finished, edited and off to the copy-editor. Since it had some info on Darkwalkers, however, I’m putting it up anyway!

Well, I probably should have started this sooner, given that I’m something like 42,000 words into Darkwalkers, but there we are. Much to talk about, anyway, and I should probably start with the basics. Darkwalkers is a sequel to Rise of the Reaper and, like Rise of the Reaper, it was written years ago. In fact, the first three books in my Broken Lands series were written years ago. After becoming stuck halfway through book four, I moved on and took a break by writing what would become my first published book, The Septic Circle – a book I’m hugely proud of.

After casting an eye back over the first three books again, with the benefit of time and distance, I realised that much had to be changed and, rather than editing, I needed to essentially re-write. This was also crucial because much had changed – characters, places, backstory, future plans… and I needed to reset hooks, alter prophecies, slip in a few Easter eggs, re-write and set some other relationships, up the pace, deepen and improve some things, etc. The list was endless. And I did it and put out Rise of the Reaper. And now, work has started on Darkwalkers.

I have to admit, however, that work on Darkwalkers has been much easier. Far less is being changed or cut, and I don’t know why. Should I be worried? Is it just better written than ROTR had been? Am I just racing through, using the original version as a template? Maybe, but I don’t believe in casting out good writing for the sake of it, and there is a lot of good stuff there. I have made cuts, however. Some scenes (which I loved) have been truncated or cut altogether, and I have, so far, made a decent saving as far as word count goes. I wanted to improve the pacing, but still need to have certain elements present, just as I did in ROTR, so I imagine some people will still have an issue with the pacing. However, there are important elements and things I want in there at the start, so that’s just how it is.


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