me_aboutThis is the shadowy corner of the internet belonging to writer Lorna Reid.  She has aspired to be many things in her time, from author to actor to adventurous marine archaeologist, but the author part… well, that one has stuck around the longest, lurking patiently in the background while flights of fancy took her elsewhere.  Now juggling several writing projects, including a long-running series with which she is hopelessly in love, and two lighter, more comedic books, her life is rapidly filling up with words – as if her Columbo obsession wasn’t enough.

She spends her time between editing and writing for a popular videogame site, GamingLives, gaming, geeking, and spilling as many words onto a sheaf of dog-eared A4 notepaper as she can in between distractions, including trying to resist that last KitKat that only she knows about, hidden at the bottom of the kitchen cupboard.